we are a tiny family business

we use our knowledge of the web to help small business focus on what they do best

At Exposé Creative we help businesses interact and transact with their customers by providing knowledge and simple tools to make the web work for them. We specialise in Digital Strategy and personable Web Development creating an environment where people come before technology.

We are based near Byron Bay in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia.

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We really are a family

Mischa does web stuff · Sandra does business stuff · Finn does baby stuff

Mischa Colley Sandra Colley Finn Noel Colley

What we do

We help small businesses develop digital strategy. We work to increase or improve interaction and transaction between you and your customers through the strategic use of digital technologies.

Our core expertise and offering is in developing and maintaining websites. However our wide experience and network of friends allows us to assist you and your business across a number of areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate clearly and to simplify technology.

Mischa Colley
I’ve been building for the web since 2006. In that time I’ve worked for various web agencies and my own clients. I’m passionate about building great business experiences that take full advantage of the web as an enabling platform. To do this I've realised that you can't just build websites. - Mischa

At Exposé Creative we believe that your time and energy is best spent invested in your business and not the tech that enables it. Our focus is to develop simple solutions that work best for you and and your customers. We have seen many businesses burnt by bad tech experiences and we want to ensure this does not happen to you.

Therefore, a core part of our work is design thinking and digital strategy. We take the time to gain a solid understanding of you, the people you work with, your customers and ultimately the brand and product through which you make your living.

We believe in using the right tools and people for the job. We will not sell you anything unless we really believe it is the best solution for your business. That includes ourselves; if we are not the right people for your job, we will help you find someone who is.

How we work

We don't always do this full time

Exposé Creative is a side business that we give a percentage of our time to each year. This allows our family to integrate a number of ‘work-streams‘ within our lifestyle. This helps to keep us balanced and ensure we are always doing our best work. This means sometimes we do Exposé Creative work full-time while at other times we may only be here part-time while Mischa is working with other agencies. We prefer to work with one client at a time and agreed flexible time-frames. We can turn projects around quickly with sufficient notice. However, urgent rush jobs are not our specialty. Part-time does not mean you only get ‘part‘ of our attention. Your business is very important to us.

We don't always keep normal business hours

There are many small businesses for whom our approach is desirable. If you run a similar ‘lifestyle’ business or are just starting a business on the side, our office hours will probably suit you. MondaySaturday (8am till 9pm).

Sandra Colley
My passion is to take great care of young children. Digital doesn't come naturally to me, it's something I learned to make work while running my own Family Day Care business. Its that understanding that I bring to client interaction and management of this business. - Sandra

What we charge

It’s simple. Our hourly rate is $60.00. We provide estimates on a time and materials basis and invoice fortnightly. Or, blocks of our time can be pre-purchased. It’s up to you.

Finn Noel Colley
Da. Da. Da. Da. - Finn

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Call Sandra on 0401 969 190 or Mischa on 0417 906 042. Finn isn't taking calls just yet.

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Mischa Colley Sandra Colley Finn Noel Colley